Best lifesteal minecraft servers in 2023

  • 2023-05-11
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What is a minecraft lifesteal SMP server?

Minecraft Lifesteal is a game mode in Minecraft where players fight against each other. The twist in this game mode is that every time a player defeats another player, they steal their health, resulting in the gaining of more hearts and the other player losing some. There are Minecraft servers solely dedicated to the Lifesteal game mode, such as LifestealMC, which has an active community with Bedrock Edition compatibility.

On the other hand, Lifesteal SMP is a private SMP consisting of 25 YouTubers. The server is nearly unstructured, making it quite dangerous, and it is often dubbed as the "The Deadliest Minecraft SMP." If a player dies, they lose a heart, and if they kill another player, they gain a heart.

What Does SMP Mean?

In Minecraft, SMP stands for survival multiplayer. It was a term coined by YouTubers years ago. You can watch the lifesteal SMP series on YouTube or take part in them on Minecraft.

What are some of the best Lifesteal Minecraft servers?

Here is a list of the most popular Minecraft servers that feature Lifesteal gameplay:

  1. LifestealMC (server IP address: - A custom-coded server solely dedicated to the Lifesteal game mode, with Bedrock and Java Edition compatibility.

  2. MineMalia Network (server IP address: - Offers various game modes, including Lifesteal, Mcmmo, BedWars, Survival, Skyblock, PvP and more.

  3. MineRival (server IP address: - A public Lifesteal SMP server available for both Bedrock and Java, also offering Faction, Minecraft Survival, Economy, and Vanilla game modes.

    Minerival spawn

    A preview of the minerival spawn in 2023

  4. PikaNetwork (server IP address: - A cracked Minecraft network with various game modes, including Lifesteal mode, and is considered one of the most popular places to play Lifesteal.

These servers provide an engaging Lifesteal experience for players, with active communities and various other game modes to explore.

How to join the best Lifesteal Minecraft server

To join a Lifesteal server in Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Minecraft launcher and click the "Play" button.

  2. Select "Multiplayer" from the main menu.

  3. Click the "Add Server" button to open the server information form.

  4. Input the IP address of the Lifesteal server you want to join in the "Server Address" box. For example, you can use the IP addresses of popular Lifesteal servers like LifestealMC (IP:, MineMalia Network (IP:, or MineRival (IP:  Or check out our server list with some of the best Minecraft Lifesteal servers.

  5. Click the "Done" button.

    How to Join a Minecraft Server in 2023

    See this example on how to join a server, use the fields server address once you filled that in, and click on the button done.

Once the connection to the server is verified, the connection icon will turn green, and you can click on the "Join Server" button to play on the Lifesteal server and experience the game mode.

What are some tips for beginners playing lifesteal SMP in Minecraft

Here are some tips for beginners playing Lifesteal in Minecraft:

  1. Focus on getting good tools and armor: Equip yourself with strong weapons and armor to increase your chances of survival and success in battles.

  2. Collect valuable items: Gather items like golden apples and potions to help you regenerate health and gain an advantage in fights.

  3. Be strategic in combat: Balance your offensive and defensive strategies to maximize your survival chances and steal health from opponents.

  4. Participate in events and tournaments: Engage in server-hosted events and competitions to improve your skills, meet new friends, and make the most of the game.

    Minecraft community

    Team up with your friends just like the players in this picture.
  5. Complete quests and challenges: Work through server-provided quests and challenges designed to give you a starting boost and help you learn more about Lifesteal gameplay.

  6. Adapt your playstyle: Consider playing a nomad style, focusing less on building and more on topping the leaderboard and ruling the Lifesteal server.

  7. Learn from experienced players: Watch YouTube videos and tutorials from experienced Lifesteal players to gain insights and strategies for success.

Why are Minecraft lifesteal servers fun?

Minecraft Lifesteal servers are fun for several reasons:

  1. Unique gameplay mechanic: Lifesteal introduces a new twist to the traditional PvP gameplay, where players can steal health from their opponents during combat, adding an extra layer of strategy.

  2. Competitive environment: Lifesteal servers offer a more challenging experience compared to normal SMPs, as players fight to top the hearts leaderboard and rule the server.

  3. Suspenseful and engaging: The risk of losing hearts and the reward of gaining them from opponents create suspenseful, on-the-edge gameplay that keeps players engaged.

  4. Social interaction: Lifesteal servers often have active communities, allowing players to meet new friends, form alliances, and participate in events and tournaments.

  5. Variety of servers: There are numerous Lifesteal servers available, each with its unique features, rules, and gameplay styles, catering to different player preferences.

  6. Skill development: Playing on Lifesteal servers helps players improve their PvP skills, strategic thinking, and adaptability in various combat situations.

  7. Quests and challenges: Many Lifesteal servers offer quests and challenges for players to complete, providing additional goals and opportunities for progression.

Remember, it's essential to choose a Lifesteal server that supports your preferred Minecraft version and offers a seamless multiplayer experience. So, explore the Minecraft server list, read player reviews, and find the best Minecraft Lifesteal server for your needs. With the right server, you'll enjoy countless hours of fun and adventure with fellow Minecraft enthusiasts.


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