How to Install Minecraft Resource Packs

  • 2023-05-23
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How to Install Minecraft Resource Packs

Hey, Minecraft players! Have you ever wondered how to change the entire look of your Minecraft world to make it more thrilling and unique? Well, you've come to the right place. 

Today we're exploring the exciting world of Minecraft resource packs, and we'll guide you step by step on how to install them to refresh your gameplay. You don't need to be a wizard with computers, it's as easy as it sounds! 

And, if you're not sure what resource packs are, head over to our previous blog post for a detailed rundown.

Step 1: Find Your Desired Resource Pack

The first step is to find a resource pack that aligns with your style. The Minecraft community is filled with creative minds who have designed countless resource packs. 

Whether you like a medieval feel, a futuristic vibe, or something quirky and cheerful, there's a resource pack tailored just for you. Remember, always download from a trusted source to prevent any potential security risks.

You can for example use the website: Its a well know source and has a big collection of different resource packs.

Example of planetminecraft

Step 2: Download the Resource Pack

After you've chosen your ideal resource pack, go ahead and download it. Click on the download link provided and save the file. Normally, resource packs come in a .zip format. No need to unzip it - Minecraft can manage the compressed file just fine.

Click on the download button

Step 3: Open Minecraft

Once you've downloaded the resource pack, launch your Minecraft game. From the main menu, go to "Options," then click on "Resource Packs."

minecraft settings.

Step 4: Open Resource Packs Folder

While in the "Resource Packs" menu, click on "Open Resource Pack Folder." This will instantly open up the folder where Minecraft searches for resource packs.

Resourcepack page.

Step 5: Transfer the Resource Pack

Next, transfer the downloaded .zip file of the resource pack into the newly opened resource pack folder. You can achieve this by dragging and dropping or copy-pasting the file.

Desktop where to put resourcepack

Step 6: Activate the Resource Pack

Return to Minecraft and click on "Done." This will refresh the resource pack list. You should now see your newly added pack in the "Available" section. Hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right to shift it to the "Selected" section. Finally, click on "Done" once more. 

Minecraft will load the resource pack, and there you go! Your game now boasts a completely new look.

Resourcepack added

What About Server-Specific Resource Packs?

Now, let's talk about server-specific resource packs. Certain Minecraft servers have their own unique resource packs. These special packs alter the look and feel of the gameplay within that particular server, creating a wholly unique experience. Intrigued? 

Find out more about this in our detailed blog post about server-specific resource packs.

Remember, Minecraft resource packs bring a fresh twist to your gameplay. They tweak textures, sounds, models, and more to gift you with a bespoke Minecraft experience. Always take resource packs into account when choosing your next server since Minecraft resourecpacks are the future of minecraft, as they can deeply influence your gameplay.

Speaking of servers, have you explored the servers we have featured on Each one offers a distinctive gaming environment that could be your next beloved place to build and explore. So, get going, install your chosen resource pack, jump onto a server, and commence your new Minecraft adventure today!


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