The Best Minecraft 1.20 mods in 2024

  • 2024-02-15
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The Best Minecraft 1.20 mods in 2024

Minecraft 1.20 just rolled out a few weeks ago, and it was a weird development cycle, to say the least. For the first time, we had to wait for so long for an update, but it's finally here. Unfortunately, I'm already bored of it. It didn't add any game-changing features that would spice up the game. I need something more, and I know you do too. 

So here's a list of the 10 best mods for the 1.20 update that won't just spice up the game but will make it so spicy that your tongue will burn with excitement!

10. Just Enough Items

Let's kick off our list with a rather simple mod that enhances the quality of play immensely by adding a ton of shortcuts to the inventory and making it easier to navigate.

9. Journey Map

As the name suggests, this is a map that evolves as you explore your world. It's a pretty cool addition, and many RPG games have this feature.

8. Twilight Forest

For those unfamiliar, Twilight Forest is probably one of the best mods ever created; it's like a legendary mod pack. It features a whole new dimension in which there are mysteries and lots to explore. You'll spend hours and hours in this mod without getting bored.

7. Mystical Agradditions

Technically, this is an add-on for another mod called Mystical Agriculture, but it adds so much more to the existing mod. There's so much you can do with farming, and Mojang never explored that aspect, but these devs did, and it's great!

6. Aladdin

If a sci-fi adventure is what you crave, then Aldinn will deliver. It's different from most mod packs out there; progress is slower, which makes you value the challenges you face. Rather than having quest after quest, you get to appreciate the simple vanilla life and also embark on exciting adventures!

5. Pixelmon

At number 5, Pokemon comes to the world of Minecraft with Pixelmon! So if you love both, then this is perfect.

4. Better MC

As the name suggests, this is just a better version of Minecraft. There are many mods that fall into this category, but Better Minecraft is one of the best! You'll need to check it out for yourself; I don't want to spoil anything, but I'll let you know one thing: THEY HAVE RIDABLE DRAGONS!

3. DarkRPG

Want a Dark Souls-like RPG experience in Minecraft? Dark RPG is the way to go. You can play on servers or with friends; it doesn't get any better than this! With so many features, you'd spend entire weeks and still not go through all of them!

2. Better Adventures

Just like Better Minecraft, Better Adventure focuses on making vanilla Minecraft better, but this mod specifically focuses on adventures. It contains 100+ mods that'll make your Minecraft journey much better.

1. Minecolonies

If you hate the solitude of Minecraft, this is the mod for you. You can build an entire town, nay, a whole civilization in Minecraft with so many NPCs that you'll lose track. It truly is one of the best SIM mods for Minecraft, and it would be a mistake for any Minecraft player to miss out on it.


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