What are Minecraft servers?

  • 2023-04-06
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Introduction to Minecraft Servers

Hello there, Minecraft adventurers! Today, we're going on a journey to learn all about Minecraft servers - what they are, the types of servers that exist, and what the future holds for Minecraft servers.

Minecraft is a magical game that allows us to build and explore our own worlds. Sometimes, we want to share these worlds with others, and that's where Minecraft servers come in. A Minecraft server is like a special playground where you and your friends, or even players from around the world, can play together in the same world! Isn't that exciting?

What are Minecraft servers?

A Minecraft server is a version of the game that runs on a computer (the server) which players can join using their Minecraft game (the client). You can also host a server at a third party, we will discuss the difference between both of them later within this blog post.

When you connect to a Minecraft server, your computer is talking to the server's computer, saying, "Hey, I want to join this Minecraft world!" And just like that, you're able to interact with other players in real-time in the same world. It's a wonderful way to share your Minecraft experiences with others.

Multiplayer Servers not Hosted on Your Own Computer

When it comes to multiplayer servers, there are two main options: you can host a server on your own computer or use a server hosted by someone else.

Hosting a Server on Your Own Computer

Hosting a Minecraft server on your own computer means that your PC acts as the server, and you need to manage all the technical aspects of setting up and maintaining the server. This option gives you control over the server settings and who can join your server. However, it can be demanding on your computer's resources and your internet connection. Also, it requires some technical know-how to set up and maintain. Wanna learn more about this then read our other blog post about hosting your own server from your computer.

Using a Server Hosted by Someone Else

The other option is to use a Minecraft server hosted by a third party. These servers are typically hosted on dedicated machines in data centers with high-speed internet connections. This option is much easier for the average player, as the technical aspects of server setup and maintenance are handled by the server hosting company.

There are many Minecraft server hosting companies out there, and they offer a variety of plans based on the number of players, server type, and additional features. You can choose from public servers that anyone can join or private servers where you can control who has access.

Benefits of Using a Third-Party Server Host

There are several benefits of using a third-party server host for your Minecraft multiplayer experience:

  1. Performance: Since these servers are hosted in data centers, they typically have faster and more reliable internet connections and more processing power than a typical home computer and internet connection.

  2. Ease of Use: Third-party server hosts typically offer easy server setup and management, often with just a few clicks. This makes it much easier for players who may not be technically inclined.

  3. 24/7 Availability: Since these servers are designed to be always on, your Minecraft world can be available to players all over the world at any time.

  4. Support: Most server hosting companies offer support to their customers, which can be very helpful if you run into issues or need help with your server.

When it comes to choosing a server, you'll want to consider the size of the server (how many players it can accommodate), its reliability, its cost, and what other features it offers. You can find servers focused on different play styles, including survival, creative, mini-games, PvP (player versus player), and more.

Popular Minecraft Server Providers

There are several popular Minecraft server providers available. They each offer a variety of plans with different features to cater to different needs:

  1. Apex Hosting: Known for their 24/7 customer support, easy-to-use panel, and range of server types.

  2. MCProHosting: One of the oldest and largest Minecraft server hosts, they offer a variety of server plans and have a good reputation for reliability.

  3. Shockbyte: This is a good choice for larger servers as they offer plans that can support a large number of players. They also offer unlimited slots, so the number of players can exceed your plan's limit if your server can handle it.

  4. BisectHosting: Known for their custom JAR support, which allows you to install any Minecraft server type or modpack you want.

Remember that the best server hosting for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Playing on Multiplayer Servers

Once you've chosen a server and it's set up, it's time to start playing! If it's a public server, you'll likely find other players in the world when you join. You can collaborate with them, compete against them, or just do your own thing. If it's a private server, you can invite your friends to join you.

Playing on a multiplayer Minecraft server can be a great way to enjoy the game. It allows you to share your Minecraft experiences with others, collaborate on large projects, compete in mini-games, and explore new ways of playing the game. Whether you're interested in a survival challenge, creative building, PvP combat, role-play, or something else entirely, there's likely a Minecraft server out there that's perfect for you.

Advertising your Multiplayer Server

Once your server is up and running, you (and anyone else you've invited) can join it by entering its IP address into the "Server Address" field in the "Multiplayer" section of the Minecraft main menu. Note that you'll only be able to join the server if your game version matches the server's version (unless the server is running a special cross-version plugin).

This can be either your friends that you invite and provide the IP address or you start to advertise your server on a server list like: https://minecraft-news.net/ser...

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