What is minecraft skyblock? Guide and more!

  • 2023-05-15
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What is Minecraft skyblock?

Minecraft Skyblock is a popular survival map that starts the player off on a small island in an endless sky with limited resources. The goal is to survive, build, and thrive using the minimal materials available. Skyblock was originally created by Noobcrew, a veteran Minecraft player. The core challenge of Skyblock is resource management, as once a block is gone, it's gone forever.

To play Skyblock, you can download a Skyblock map from a reputable website and extract the contents to your Minecraft game's 'saves' folder. Alternatively, you can join a multiplayer server with a dedicated Skyblock community. Some popular Skyblock servers include news.mc-complex.com and news.vortexnetwork.net.

In Skyblock, players can expand their world infinitely, farm, breed animals, and complete in-game challenges. Iron farms are particularly useful in Skyblock, as they provide easier access to iron ingots. To create the smallest possible iron farm, you will need three villagers, three beds, and a zombie holding an item (to prevent despawning) .

Skyblock shares similarities with the Minecraft OneBlock mode, but differs in that OneBlock only provides access to one block, while Skyblock starts players with 26 blocks of dirt.

How to play and join a skyblock gamemode? 

To play Skyblock in Minecraft, you can either download a Skyblock map or join a multiplayer server that offers Skyblock as a game mode.

There are several variations of Skyblock maps that you can download for Minecraft. Once you have downloaded the map, extract the file's contents and find your Minecraft game's 'saves' folder. On Windows, this can be found by hitting Win+R and typing '%appdata%.minecraft\saves' in the search bar. Then, launch Minecraft and select the Skyblock map from your saved worlds.

To join a multiplayer server that offers Skyblock, you can search for a Minecraft Skyblock server on websites that list servers such as minecraft-news.net/servers Once you have found a server you want to join, copy the server's IP address and add it to your Minecraft server list. Then, launch Minecraft and select the server from your server list to join the Skyblock game mode.

Some popular Skyblock servers include Hypixel, InsanityCraft, LemonCloud, Skyblock, OneBlockMC, and Minecraft Central.

 To join Hypixel Skyblock, for example, open Minecraft and click on the multiplayer button. Then, click "add server" and enter news.hypixel.net in the section where the IP goes. Finally, click add server and select Hypixel from your server list to join the Skyblock game mode.

Playing Skyblock can be challenging, as it requires resource management and creative thinking to survive and thrive on a small island in the sky with limited resources. 

However, it can also be a fun and rewarding game mode that allows players to expand their world infinitely, farm, breed animals, and complete in-game challenges.

Minecraft skyblock island
Preview of the skyblock starter island.

Tips and tricks for playing minecraft skyblock

Here are some tips and tricks for playing Minecraft Skyblock:

  1. Understand the basics: Familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the game mode, including gathering resources and building a strong foundation.

  2. Play an updated version: If you want to experience the latest Minecraft features, try playing One Block Skyblock Reborn 1.19, which includes new blocks and creatures.

  3. Expand your island: Use the limited resources to expand your island and create more space for farming, building, and other activities.

  4. Cobblestone generator: Build a cobblestone generator to produce an infinite supply of cobblestone, which is essential for expanding your island and crafting tools.

  5. Farming: Start farming as soon as possible to ensure a steady supply of food and resources. Plant crops like wheat, carrots, and potatoes, and breed animals for additional resources.

  6. Resource management: Be mindful of your resources, as once a block is gone, it's gone forever. Use your resources wisely and plan your actions carefully.

  7. Complete in-game challenges: Engage in the in-game challenges to explore new aspects of the game and unlock additional resources.

  8. Join a community: Find and join a community of Skyblock players to learn from others, share tips, and collaborate on projects.

  9. Multiplayer servers: Play on multiplayer servers to enjoy new features such as quests, bosses, clans, teams, robots, or even new Adventure islands.

Remember that Skyblock is a game of creativity and ingenuity, so experiment with different strategies and approaches to make the most of your experience.

How to automate tasks in Minecraft Skyblock

To automate tasks in Minecraft Skyblock, you can use various mechanisms and contraptions. Here are some ideas:

  1. Automatic farms: Build automatic farms for crops and animals to ensure a steady supply of food and resources. You can use redstone, pistons, and hoppers to create automated harvesting and collection systems.

  2. Cobblestone generator: Automate cobblestone production by building a cobblestone generator with water and lava. Use pistons and redstone to push the generated cobblestone into a collection area.

  3. Mob farms: Create mob farms to automatically spawn and kill mobs for their drops. Design the farm with spawning platforms, water currents, and a killing mechanism (such as fall damage or lava) to collect the loot.

  4. Item sorting and storage: Use hoppers, chests, and redstone comparators to create an automatic item sorting and storage system. This will help you manage your resources more efficiently and keep your inventory organized.

Remember that automation in Minecraft Skyblock requires creativity and ingenuity. Experiment with different designs and mechanisms to find the most efficient solutions for your specific needs. 

Minecraft farms
Examples of different skyblock farms.

What do Minecraft servers add to SkyBlock?

Minecraft servers add a lot of new features and content to SkyBlock. Here are some examples:

  1. New types of quests: Servers can add new quests and challenges to the game, which can be completed for rewards and items.

  2. New bosses: Servers can introduce new bosses and enemies to fight, which can drop rare loot and items.

  3. Clans and teams: Servers can allow players to form clans and teams, which can work together to complete challenges and quests.

  4. Economy features: Many SkyBlock servers have economy features, such as the ability to buy and sell items, trade with other players, and earn money through various activities.

  5. Custom enchantments: Some servers add custom enchantments to the game, which can give players unique abilities and advantages.

  6. New areas and dungeons: Servers can add new areas and dungeons to explore, which can contain rare resources and loot.

  7. Item trading: Joining a community of SkyBlock players in a large online world allows players to take part in item trading, building contests, and other activities.

Overall, servers add a lot of new content and features to SkyBlock, making the game more exciting and engaging for players.

Minecraft Skyblock is a unique and challenging game mode that tests your survival skills on isolated floating islands. If you're ready to embark on this unique Minecraft journey, we recommend checking out our review on LemonCloud, a popular server offering an engaging Skyblock experience.

For more options, our curated list of the top Minecraft Skyblock servers will help you find the perfect place to start your adventure. Get ready to conquer the sky!


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