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Welcome to PoochieMC, an exciting Minecraft server that will take your gaming experience to new heights! With a dedicated team of developers and a passionate community, we offer a unique and immersive gameplay experience centered around our Skyblock gamemode, with the highly anticipated Prison gamemode currently in development.

[Features:] 🏝️ Skyblock: Start your adventure on a floating island, where you must strategically manage resources, build a thriving economy, and expand your island to unlock new challenges and rewards.

🔗 Prison (Coming Soon!): Brace yourself for an upcoming feature that will test your mettle in a captivating prison environment. Prepare to break free, conquer challenges, and rise through the ranks to become the most notorious inmate on the server.

⚔️ Custom Plugins: Our server boasts a range of custom plugins meticulously crafted to enhance your gameplay. These plugins introduce exciting features and mechanics that add depth and variety to your Minecraft experience.

🏰 Dungeons and Boss Fights: Embark on epic quests through our meticulously designed dungeons, teeming with dangerous creatures and valuable loot. Engage in thrilling boss fights that will test your skills, teamwork, and strategy. Defeat these formidable foes to claim legendary rewards and become a true hero of PoochieMC.

💰 Economy: Establish your financial prowess in our dynamic economy system. Engage in trade with fellow players, create your own shops, and amass wealth by venturing into various activities available on the server. Become a tycoon and dominate the marketplace!

⚔️ MCMMO System: Unlock a comprehensive MCMMO system that allows you to level up various skills as you play. Master combat, mining, fishing, and more to gain unique abilities and unleash your true potential.

Join us now and become a part of the vibrant PoochieMC community! Our friendly and helpful staff are always ready to assist you on your journey. Together, let's build, conquer, and thrive in a world filled with adventure and limitless possibilities. Connect to our server today and experience Minecraft like never before!

Frequently asked questions

Join PoochieMC by using the IP address play.poochie.club:25565 in your Minecraft client's Multiplayer server list.

PoochieMC supports Minecraft version 3. Compatibility with other versions may vary.

PoochieMC is hosted in Germany, providing a high-quality gaming experience for players in this region.

On PoochieMC, you can enjoy various game modes such as SkyBlock, Prison, Survival, PvP, Economy, PvE, Factions, Gens, McMMO, enhancing your Minecraft experience with diverse gameplay options.

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